Re: Change in hoof growth rings pre and post pergolide in suspected PPID horses?

Nancy C

Hi Sarah

Would be really helpful to know more about your testing, what time of year, etc. Do you have a Case History?

Controlling PPID is important. The first sign of PPID is often fall laminitis. A big player in the issue could also could be things in your diet. Again, knowing the details is really important to give you the best answer.

Here's the link to ECHistory7

Please help us out by adding you location and date of joining the list.

Thanks very much.

Nancy C in NH
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I have a 16 year old pony mare who has become footy late summer the last two years. A nutritionist considers her to be her ideal weight, and I agree. ACTH tests have come back normal both times, and a post-TRH ACTH test earlier this year also came back within reference (although only 7 units below the new upper reference limit that Liphook are adopting).

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