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Many PPID horses have coat issues like this. If you look in areas of friction, like behind the elbows, you may also see skin thickening, scaling and hyperpigmentation.

You need to check the ACTH to make sure your pergolide dose is adequate. Important to follow our sampling and testing guidelines to make sure that test result is accurate.

If ACTH is controlled (a good thing metabolically), it may be that dopamine activity in the hypothalamus, not the pituitary, is still not adequate. The coat is controlled by the hypothalamus, not the pituitary.

Some people have added Vitex agnus-castus (Chastetreeberry) to their pergolide to get better control of this symptom. We don't have enough data to know if this combination is good, bad or indifferent with regard to controlling ACTH so if you do it you need to monitor ACTH.

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Feb 2001
We recently switched from compounded pergolide to Prascend. We tested in December and his ACTH was actually in the "normal" range! Any suggestions where I should look for Vitex?

Thanks so much! We've been doing so well (knock on wood) I didn't want to blow things because of his terrible coat.

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