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Wow! Didnt connect that. I assume though this compound excluding cortisone can possibly help?
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My Vet & I have most recently placed my 18 year old Mtn gelding on Prascend, and will be getting him started on an antiinflammatory today as well as he is sore on all four and has been for a few days. I've also used DMSO on top of a combination of cortisone crm/anti-itch crm/antibiotic ointment mix on his lower legs and coronary bands and wrapping with cotton wraps.

Ann -

I would be very, very careful about using a steroidal medication, even a topical cream, on a horse that has PPID or is suspected of having it.

If I recall correctly, you are a nurse so - this might be familiar. Steroid has been found to suppress ACTH in normal horses, so heaven knows what it could do in a PPID horse, where excess cortisol can be the start of the tipping point into laminitis. I know this all too well.


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