New test results: ACTH increased


My Welsh sect.C pony Lad, 15 yrs, has been getting 1.25 mg of compounded pergolide. In November ACTH was 19.1 pmol/L. It is presently 24.7pmol/L.

Any comments?

My vet suggests raising the dose to 2 mg then retesting after a month.

She asked whether the group has noted a difference in response to compounded pergolide (assuming it is kept properly and not degraded) and "commercial brands". (Are there any others besides Prascend?) She asks because she has seen, in dogs, a different response between commercial and generic products.

I have tried to update my case history but it didn't "take." Will try again after sleep!

Bonnie Ivey, Ontario
Lad the wooley wonder

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