Re: Question about Equi-Analytical lab tests


I, like you, am only able to get small batches of hay at a time, so I only test the Sugar/Starch levels. I use the Carb Pack ($30) now... was using the custom one but since it's only $2 difference with the price changes - *shrug*

If I know I'm going to have a big batch that will last (unusual) and is 'safe' I will call them and have the big test run.

I wanted to do NIR really badly when I first started down this road - but having the extreme variances pointed out and having Diego go laminitic because of small variances in his food I realize I really can't *afford* that chance anymore.


Angela & Diego (23yo IR/PPID)
Atlanta, GA 5/2011

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Looking at Equi-Analytical lab tests and that group says to use test #603. I'm curious why not use the other test that is cheaper?

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