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Donkeys can have Cushings, but to help those with more knowledge than me, help you more, a little more information would be helpful. Age? Body condition? Normal diet (be as specific as you can)? what size donkey (standard, mini, mammoth - I don't know if that matters, but will add it anyway).
I have a mini donk, she's just a baby; but she is a long-haired variety, so I'm guessing, she'll keep her longer coat year-round (I will probably have to clip her this spring to get rid of her icky baby coat that is mixed with her first winter coat).
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My question is this...Could a donkey that tends to founder, and have super-long hair that doesn't shed have some other malady besides Cushings? I am having trouble getting a veterinarian to come out to where I live, so the ACTH has not yet been administered. If there are any other diseases that are like Cushings, could you please, please let me know???
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Laura (litlred3)

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