Re: Bute/Banamine and Antibiotics for Abscesses


My horse had an abscess that didn't come out on it's own, so finally called in the vet. She did a hoof test and then dug it out and bandaged the foot with poultice. Could see a path that the abscess was taking trying to find a path out. Have to say the vet did a much better job than my soaking and baby diaper method.

The vet felt the abscess was possibly coming from deeper in the hoof to drain out. She prescribed Uniprim powder antibiotic for about a week to be on the safe side, in case there was any question about infection deeper in the hoof structure. Antiobitic made by MacLeod. We mixed it in the wet soaked beet pulp. I don't know that antibiotic is needed every abscess, but if there is some swelling then seems be a good option to help beat back any possible bacterial infection.

April 2010 north Texas

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I am concerned because the fetlock and pastern above the hoof are swollen...not horribly, but noticibly. Now that the abscess has broken thru, she is much less lame, but I was concerned about the "if it becomes systemic" comment regarding antibiotic use.

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