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Ask feed store for no-molasses beet pulp too. If they can get Triple Crown Safe Forage, then they should be able to also get the ODTB hay cubes. Try to find others in your area who may be interested to give the feed store more incentive to order. Triple Crown Lite is a pellet feed that is lower in sugars to add to hay.

I have been mixing in some Safe Forage because my horses love it so much. This made easier to help transition them to more of the beet pulp and the wet down ODTB hay cubes. Group has said that Safe Forage has too much oil (fat) for IR horses for a complete diet option, but it is a low sugar hay mix. I'm figuring that better to have some of it mixed in to make my horses happy than something worse. Just getting a horse transitioned to a lower sugar mix would be a step in the right direction.

You can also start soaking hay, which can also help lower sugars. I'm not really sure how much it helps my Bermuda hay, but does rinse off any iron on outside and helps get in more moisture in their guts that are good things anyway.

I second about not doing vaccinations until stabilized. After my guy had IR issues he had a colic after his next set of vaccinations with fever. We now break up shots and vet adds in Banamine each time to lower inflammation. Try to avoid stressing and take one thing at a time.

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Hi Lyndsey,
The best product out there is still Ontaio Dehy Timothy Balance cubes- the
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My feed store can't get that exactly but says they make a chopped hay product called safe forage...?

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