Repost - Help! Brain swelling, lungs filled, stop Pergolide cold turkey!?


I am posting this for Betty, who is having computer problems. Haven't even taken the time to read it, just copy and paste.

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Help! Brain swelling, lungs filled, stop Pergolide cold turkey!?

Gidget, 22yr pony, mini/welch, IR, PPID since 2008. No case history as she is not mine but boards here often for long periods. Went to vet Sat. with symptoms of: labored breathing, intense rubbing side of body on fencing and nose/lips on anything/everythind. Did not eat. Did drink, one manure pile and several pee spots. Kicking/stomping hind legs similar to string halt. Sides & hip trembling. Vet out of town ... said to give 5cc Diprone and he'd check back with me when on his way to office. After giving shot she just stooding with head very low and moved very little. Not regular colic symptoms.

Owner took pony to vet (I was not free to go along). Owners version of vet Rx:
1.Blood work 2.fluid in lungs 3.swelling in brain 4.body stared for sugar Treatment: grass hay, hay pellets only 2.stop all "compounded" Pergolide 3. 20 cc DMSO orally 2x/day 4. 5cc Banamine IM in a.m. 5. add Platinum Performance 6. clip her
Ver comments: Non shedding coat is only symptom, no foot problems, not easy keeper, no IR symptoms ... lab numbers not reliable ... treat symptoms, not numbers. The compound pergolide is not safe and 4 mg is more than enough to treat a draft horse!

Now, I'm in a panic as I provide care for this pony and it goes agains most of the groups teaching. This is not the vet we use for IR/PPID blood work or medication (and you can see why). This pony has been on the IR diet with balanced hay, minerals, Vit E, flax, salt since 2007. Her labs were within the ranges for the first time in 2012 and even better April '13 on 4 mg of pergolide. Odd hair coat and not shedding remain. What should I watch for because we stopped the pergolide (been 3 days)? I will attempt to put up a case history, although I don't have the paper work (and I can sit at the computer only 2-3 min at a time). If the owner is going to stay with this vet, I will be sending the pony home as soon as the owner has recovered from shoulder surgery. I will attempt to get a copy of the blood work. How is it possible that the diet and pergolide has starved the pony of sugar?????

I know there will be questions and I may not be able to provide answers. The owner does not have access to the internet and has been following my suggestions. She has not read the wealth of information her. She read everything in horse magazines.

Thanks for any help, I will continue to breath and may need some hand holding.

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