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SNIP> many suspect it's not really a tumor <SNIP

I'd be curious to know what basis there is to this statement...
Cushings has been repeatedly shown to be a tumor on autopsy post
death... and there have been a few studies where they autopsied a
large number of elderly horses post death that were NOT yet cushinoid
and found tumors beginning... it appears to be similar to prostrate
problems in elderly human men in that it is something that is quite
common in old age but often not progressed far enough to show
noticable symptoms by the time the horse dies of old age from other
causes (other than the cushings)... This also makes it more
understandable how someone could have more than one cushinoid horse --
not such a suprising 'coincidence' if the horses are elderly...

So I'm interested to hear what basis there is to thoughts that
Cushings isn't caused by a tumor...

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