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Thank you Nancy. Yes I have been updating the blood work synopsis in his file with his results etc and I continue to monitor him daily. Even though the Pergolide dose was accidentally suddenly reduced to one tenth of what I thought, he continued to improve after May last year when I changed his diet.
Since I stopped the Pergolide in January, he has had footy spells on and off just as before. Previously I would have upped his dosage and so thought that had controlled the footiness, but it seems he has these on and off spells w/o Perogolide.
I also discovered when the ground is damp, and the mud packs into his feet, or the ground is frozen and hard, he goes footy but if I put his boots and pads on in the field he stays sound. So after much experimentation, I have found the footy spells were probably due to pressure on his thin soles and if I protect them at these times, he stays comfy.
I will continue to test him each autumn, but I can't help thinking he was misdiagnosed in 2009.
Thanks again.
Chris/Matty UK

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I would take the time now to map out all your blood work - date, time, results,

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