Sashi - Won his Cushings battle but lost his war against IR & Founder


I buried him last Sunday. His ACTH was smack in the middle of Cornell's test but for the life of us we couldn't get that IR under control even on a strict ODTBC diet and Metformin as a last effort. I don't know what he did one night in turnout; did he try to run, did he stomp at a bug? All I know is he was great one day and not the next. He chose my birthday to have HIS last good day. He would have kept going but I simply had to have the last word with that horse this time. He has always had a say in our 17+ year partnership but not that day...after a chiro session on Friday and giving me the sign on Sat. night during a very long silent conversation. He had an appt. with his new acupressure gal and I sent him on without me at 2:30pm on 6/16 and buried in my front pasture within the hour. Of course he was laid a bit further away from the others so his ego would remain intact as a horse that always stood out among others. He was my soul horse and I'm so blessed to have been his person.

Kristie & Herd
SW OH 2002 (I think)

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