Serrano update - advice please?

karen sremac <karenclarinet@...>

I am sad to say that Serrano's ACTH test from last week was 60.4...
Very high at this time when it should be low.
And he has not been doing well with gas colic, a possible mini seizure,
lameness in RH and no energy.
The vet said to go up one pill, and that that is how it is done, one pill at
a time. Is that true when you are already at 3 and it is not working? I am
very concerned that he needs so much already, after just being diagnosed
in Sept... and felt like he was behind the rise since then. And the seizure
has just got me really upset. I was cleaning his right eye in his hot stall,
and he was standing and cooperating, as he always does. Then he raised
his head just a little, and got stuck. His whole body went stiff and jerked
a short time before he could bring his head down. Then he seemed just
fine after. I have not seen this before with him ever before, EXCEPT that
when he colics from gas pain, he looks like he is having mini seizures too.
He lies down and suffers through it and then gets up and shakes the dust
off to get on with life. When he has gas pain it looks different. He closes
eyes and twitches and then stretches out and farts. He is very stoic, so I
worry. I read that Cushings can cause seizures and now I know his ACTH
is still not controlled, and I am very scared.
Please advise and/or reassure me!
Many thanks,
Karen and Serrano
Sept 2012

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