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Shari Starr

Jaini, I thank you for the thoughtful note that you sent to me regarding the loss of my friend Snickers. I'm new to this type of communication in a group discussion so please let me know if this e-mail reply has been received by you. I'm not sure hitting the reply sent it only to you or to the whole discussion group. I would like to send thank you's to the others that have sent condolences also. I also plan on sending a note to the whole group to let them know that I have a presription of pegolide 2 mg caplets to donate & I also have a bag of jiaogulan that has a certificate of analysis & a full bag of organic ginger. The group moderator said it would be ok to post the information on the discussion group at least for the pergolide. I don't have a use for the others so I'll give that away also.

This group is such a blessing; I wish that I had found it sooner.


Lifesong Farm

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Shari, thank you so much for thinking of others at this horrible time. You did the only thing possible, and were thinking of his welfare as always. What a great gift you gave him, what a lovely tribute you have written for Snickers - I am so sorry for his loss.

Jaini (BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy
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Missing my once in a lifetime horse, soulmate & best friend Snickers, who has been by my side for the last 22 years. My heart is breaking. We were so close emotionally & mentally that I can still feel him with me by my side. "Doulos" love is the kind that could do this.

Shari Starr

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