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My IR mare is in extreme diarrhea since sunday.
I meant to ask, is there any possibility of Potomac Fever where you live?

Hi Lorna,
I dont think its Potomac Fever because she never had a fever since it started.
I haven't change anything in her diet, I have the same hay. For the Insulin resistant condition, she is doing great, she lost a lot of weight, we can start to see slightly her ribs, she is not lame, no heat or elevated pulse, nothing and normaly she is full of vinegar....
Waiting for the result of the blood today and from the agronomist because I found a weird plant in my hay. I have been dealing with colics with my other mare since february and I had that mare for 7 years and she was never sick. So we are wondering if both of my horses are getting intoxicated for that plant in my hay.
Hope it gets better, because poor Cashmere, I have to wash her bum avery couple of hours and she is very lethargic.
Thanks for your help and if anybody have suggestion, please let me know.

Marie Josee
Morin-Heights, Qc. / Canada Sept. 2012
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