Re: Serrano update - advice please?


Hi, Karen - don't despair. Many horses are on much higher doses - check out the database here:

I have one on 7.5, one on 5 and one on 2. It seems that when one is chasing the rise, it is harder to get the ACTH under control.
Jaini (BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy


My tiny(300#)pony, Stormy is one of those. I have chased her ACTH since I joined the group in feel your frustration. I recently increased her dose to 6.5mg (compounded perg. caps) and I think she finally might be at the correct dose for her. Of course we have the seasonal rise coming up, so might even have to increase more. She is also one of those horses/ponies that seems to need her ACTH to be in the lower range of normal to reduce her symptoms ...which include loss of appetite and acting depressed.
So hang in there! We are well into our 2nd year and still trying to get it right!

All the best to you and Serrano,

Teri, Stormy and Kelsey
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