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I was auditing a clinic today and one of the local vets (I've never used her), had ridden and she was sitting next to me. During a break he clinician asked about my horse and I gave him a brief history, age, cushings/ir, etc..coming back from laminitis.

The vet says "you ARE giving him Prascend, right?" I was like, "uh, no, actually he's on 1.5mg of compounded. I told her that when James got laminitis he WAS on Prascend and I felt it didn't control his ACTH as well as the compounded. She started RANTING at me! Saying that the compounded is worthless, a waste of money and that she absolutely refuses to write an Rx for the compounded and won't let her clients use it.


I was gobsmacked. Seriously? Compounded capsules WORK just as well. No they don't have a long shelf life, but geez. Thanks to this list I was able to debate with her a bit, (lol, she got me going) and I challenged her a bit in regards to compounded vs. Prascend. I know I can't change her opinion, but if she has a client that cannot AFFORD Prascend, is she going to "fire" them because they simply don't have the means to pay over two dollars a tablet?

There's SO much misinformation out there regarding cushings/ir, meds, etc..At least my own vet has an open mind and thanked me for sending him some articles on Leptin testing, as I"m his ONLY client that asks for it and he appreciates that I"m pro-active about James' care and I research stuff and he's willing to learn. After talking to this vet today, I appreciate my own vet even more!

She just shook me up a bit, as she was so, so adamant about Prascend being the "only" drug for Cushings. arg. I do have her email...I may have to send her some information and articles....(evil grin).

Anyway, just amazed at how close minded she was, and if I ever find myself needing a vet, I"m definitely not going to use her services!

Angela and James
Escondido, CA.

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