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Shari, our rescue can certainly use the Pergolide caps if they are still available. We have quite a few PPID horses. I can pay the shipping. I am in Hamilton, MT.

Debora Lay
LayzD Equine Services

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Hi Pam, I have already promised the CTB but still have the J herb. If you would contact me directly on my e-mail it would help me better to get specifics on mailing.

Thank you,

Shari Starr
Lifesong Farm

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Shari, I would be interested in the J herb and the CTB. Perhaps I could make a donation to a charity in honor of Snickers in exchange?
I can also pay for the shipping.
12/10 in Va

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Due to the recent passing of my friend, Snickers that was being treated for cushing's disease I have a recently filled prescription of Pergolide 2 mg capsules, count 89 that I wish to give away. I also have a 1 pound bag of Jiaogulan powder, 1/2 pound approx. of chaste tree berry powder. I wish to give away. I haven't been able to find any local veterinarian offices that have any clients in need or local rescue groups. I am located in Graham, Wa. (Western WA- Near Tacoma/Olypia area).

Shari Starr
Lifesong Farm

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