Re: Persistant Sinusitus - What else can i do..?

Shari Starr

Hi Katie,
Last February 27th, 2012 my 23 y/o Cushing's horse,Snickers 3 yrs diagnosed Dec, 2010 & on Pergolide since diagnosis. Dosage at time was 2mg per day. He was diagnosed with sinusitus, secondary, which arose from a damaged left molar. Symptoms were unilateral(left nostril) nasal discharge that was thick, creme colored & the discharge was malodorous (very foul smelling, like something had crawled up his nose & died). My previous long term vet had missed the cracked tooth during the last 2 floats (checked every 6 mos). Due to the pain from this tooth he resisted any further attempts from this vet to float his teeth. Prior to the appearance of the discharge & smell he had started quidding his hay & had started to drop weight. The new vet did a visual exam & discovered the cracked tooth. She removed the tooth with very little effort but said that he had very little grinding surface left on his molars. He was started on SMZ tablets of 15 (800 mg) tablets orally 2 times per day for 21 days. I also started feeding him straignt timothy pellets that were soaked in hot water for softening & choke prevention as his primary forage. He was also getting 5 pounds of Triple Crown Lite also soaked. After 7 days the discharge/smell went away & I continued the SMZ tabs for the duration of the 21 days. 30 days later the discharge/smell returned. The vet had me repeat the 21 day SMZ 15 tabs(800 mg) 2 times per day. Same result, discharge/smell went away returned in 30 days. Vet changed the treatment to Metronidazole, 20 tabs(500 mg)orally 2 times per day for 12.5 days. Same result, discharge/smell cleared for a month & returned. From my research everything pointed to the drilling or flap surgery.<<My gelding didn't handle sedatives well so I tried a suggested Chinese herb Bi Yan Pian as one last attempt to get control of this before opting for surgery. It worked! Some time in July,2012 I started him on it. The instructions from the owner of local Chinese herb store said to start him with 1 tablet to make sure that he wouldn't have a reaction to it. The tablet easily dissoloved in hot water & I put it in his feed & he ate it w/no probs. She said to keep adding 1 additional tablet each day until I saw results. I followed the instructions & the discharge/smell were gone within 7 days. I continued giving him the 7 tables per day until the bottle ran out (about a month). The discharge/smell never returned. No surgical intervention or flushing or flap was needed for him.<<The brand of the Bi Yan Pian is Plum Flower Brand.The cost of the 2 bottles was less than $30.00. An economy size of 600 tablets is under $47.00.
The ingredients are as follows:

Bi Yan Pian - Plum Flower Brand - Xanthium sibiricum fruit,Magnolia biondi flower, Forsythia suspensa fruit,Saposhnikovia divaricata root,Angelica dahurica root, Anemarrhena asphodeloides rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Schizonepeta tenuifolia herb, Chrysanthemum indicum flower, Schisandra chinensis fruit, Platycodon grandiflorum root

Shari, Fly free, Snickers mom
Olympia, WA area
ERIR, June, 2013

Plum Flower Brand - $11.03 120 tabs, $43.02 600 tabs Economy

(suggested manufactures Price is $56.99

Purchased through 1st Chinese Herbs, Olympia, WA

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