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Shari Starr

My Cushing's horse Snickers (passed June 25, 2013) had experienced these same symptoms. He was diagnosed PPID & on pergolide. He had a bad tooth that the vet was attempting to look at. He had just put his hand in my horses mouth & yes, the head did come up & he went into a type of
"fit" his haunches started trembling & buckling like he was going to
faint.He was unsedated at the time. The vet at the time thought that it was stress induced & that he was holding his breath. He did not fall this time.The same action happened when I had to give him antibiotics by mouth via syringe. Again, his head came up & he started trembling in the haunches & he fell down. He stood right up afterward. He had secondary sinisitus from the dental problem & was treated for this long term. The "fits" went away. It may have been the sinusitus or poll problems. We did follow-up with a chiropractor for especially the poll area at the same time as the antibiotics so the vet didn't confirm one or the other as the cause of the "fits". Never had the problem again but I was VERY CAREFUL when doing anything that might produce the upward head motion. BE VERY CAREFUL to be out of the way so the horse doesn't fall on you since it happens so fast. Sorry, I had just joined ECIR a very short time before he passed from non-ppid (colic). So no profile was built for him.

Shari, Fly free Snickers mom
Graham, WA
June, 2013

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Seizure activity has been reported in PPID horses that were very advanced cases but is very rare. PPID is actually more likely to cause blindness. If there are no other PPID symptoms, that's not likely to be the cause.

There are some horses that have seizures, or at least loss of consciousness, related to high head position. The cause is unclear, possibly something like a circulatory issue or inner ear problem.

Eleanor in PA
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Feb 2001

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