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Had new blood work taken last week and got the results back now. ACTH has dropped from 55 pg/ml (ref 29) to 17,6 pg/ml (autumn ref 47). For some reason the lab hasn't analyzed glucose!! :( But insulin was 0,6 �U/ml (ref <23.4) (starving).

I'm SO annoyed I didn't get the glucose!! Insulin alone isn't very sensitive to prove IR, right?
It's possible for the pergolide to be controlling the ACTH that well. There's no IR with an insulin that low, although you might want a glucose anyway to make sure there is no diabetes and pancreatic exhaustion.

That insulin seems very low even for a fasting sample. If the sample thawed during transport and was frozen again at the lab, that could explain this and would also lower ACTH. You might want to try to find out if the sample arrived frozen.

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