Can sweat wraps in 100+ F weather trigger Laminitis/Founder

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Romke has fluid on his suspensory but he is not lame and the ultrasound shows no damage. I have been walking him and icing the leg for several weeks and it is not going down. My vet suggested a 24 hour sweat wrap. Here is my dilemma - he has a terrible time in the heat (we have a swamp cooler in his stall and in the summer I take him out before sunrise). I constantly monitor his body temperature and this summer he has had several episodes of elevated temps, nothing seriously high but high for his normal. We are running 100+ F weather. My question is am I taking a risk triggering laminitis/founder. Romke has been cushings for 9 years, is on 2.75 mg pergolide (just raised in .25mg in July) and has never had any problems with his feet.

I am supposed to do this on Sunday (vet is coming on Monday for ACTH and leg check). I would appreciate it if someone can give me advise before I start this. I did pose the question to the vet and he indicated that it should not be a problem. With so many people with hands-on experience on this site, I would like a second (or more) opinion.

Thank you!!!

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