Which Hay to Buy - Four samples


Hi, Would anyone be interested in giving their opinion on which hay to buy. I tested four different types and posted them in Case History 7. I also have the hay test for what I was feeding the ponies this last year. They were able to stay on the #1 Brome Hay free choice with no issues at all. The closest thing I can get this year is Love's Russian Rye. It is higher in sugar, but still lower than the other three. I also noticed that the starch is considerably higher - is that a red flag?
I really only pay attention to the sugar numbers, so if there is something that these tests show that I should be concerned about please mention it.
After the hay is chosen for the year then I will send that sample for wet chem minerals. Then send to one of the nutritionist that this group has on the recommended list.


Thank you.

Tamara Sk, Canada

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