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1 .Since there is no possible source of ODBTC in this area, and since a
very laminitic horse is used to these cubes as an important part of her diet, what would be
a substitute that would be feasible in a hospital type situation?...
Hi Martha,
Is the horse already down there? You probably already thought of this, but is there any way someone going to visit the horse could take a load of ODTBCs with them? Up to one pallet of ODTBCs will fit in the bed of a pick up truck that has a topper.
I don't know if it is allowed to give her name, moderators?, but there is a member down in Lexington that may not be following the posts right now. She might have some ideas. She has a great DIY Ice boot in the "emergency protocol - horse got out on grass" folder.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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