Re: Still Need Assistance in Lexington, KY area:


I just called Southern States in Lexington KY. They can ORDER in the cubes
(buy don't have them in stock). There is nota minimum. Here is the
contact information

Address: 2570 Palumbo Dr, Lexington, KY
Phone:(859) 255-7524

Friday hours 7:30 am–6:00 pm

FYI, they know them as Timothy Balancer Cubes. I get them at the Southern
States in Huntington WV about 2 hours north east of your horse. and the
first time I called they were confused but were going to check on ordering
them in. When they found the info we discovered we were talking about the
same thing and they had them in stock. the sad thing is that my SS may be
closing so I'm going to have to look for another source.

Sandi and Cody in WV

On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 1:03 PM, martha williams <mjwd444@...> wrote:


1 .Since there is no possible source of ODBTC in this area, and since a
very laminitic horse
is used to these cubes as an important part of her diet, what would be
a substitute that
would be feasible in a hospital type situation?
2. Where can we find the information about excessive iron -we have
already checked the file on
that subject. (Maybe didn't look in the right place.)
Question: What ranges are considered acceptable? And is 131 ppm As
Thank you very much. M. Williams/D.Dubrow NYC/Hudson
Valley, NY '08

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