Re: Which Hay to Buy - Four samples - More info


Hi Chanda,

I thought I would give you results that I had in 2011 from the same field. I did not feed it. I was too scared of the high numbers. I did feed hay from this field in 2010 very comfortably. Unfortunately I did not test hay at that time, but it had a large amount of rain after being cut but baled dry.

Crested Wheat Grass - 2011
WSC - 23.6
ESC - 9.4
starch - 1.1

This is hay that is swathed and then combined for the grass seed and then baled.

I know growing conditions will vary, but I like the looks of the ESC and starch on the Crested, if this is common for Crested; then mine should be pretty safe.
thanks for the info.
MT 9/04
Crested Wheat Grass - 2013
WSC - 21.9
ESC - 6.1
starch - .2
Thank you
Tamara Sk, Canada

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