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Forgot to mention he tested negative for IR. Haven't had my latest hay tested but will get that done. Have taken the NRC course. Is it OK to give the Prascend with a meal? The directions don't advise against that. He had a quarter with his beet pulp just now. If not with a meal, how long before or after a meal?

I'll think about the dry lot, the best place for him is around the barn on the stone, but then the others can't get to the water....

Health prices look good, I paid $125 for 60 x 1 mg. I thought the compounding pharmacies were no longer allowed to sell pergolide?

Thanks for the help Mandy,



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Hi Carol,
First, take a deep breath. We'll talk you through a lot of this. You
should give the pergolide in quarters to avoid the 'pergolide veil'. I
just learned how to do this today reading Dr. K's instructions! Break a
prascend into halves. Put one half in a syringe of 10 ml water. Let it
disolve. Shake it up and give 5 ml by mouth. Tomorrow give the other 5
mls. That should be your 25% of a prascend. Do this for 4 days. Then give
half a prascend at one time for 4 days. Then try a whole pill. You can
hide it in a half a prune, a gutted grape, a small handful of timothy
pellets. Not many of us can afford prascend so we use a compounding
pharmacy. I use Pet Health in AZ and get 30 - 3 mgs capsule for $33.80
including s/h. The phone # is 800-742-0516. 2 mgs was about $28.52 for
30 caps. This I can afford! Ask your vet to call In or write a script.

You need to think about putting Rossi in a drylot. Do this with electric
step in posts or T-posts and tape. Many Cushings horses become IR>
Soaked grass hay if you don’t have an analysis on it. Can you put the
'drylot' in a corner of your pasture? This way he's with his herd but not
able to graze. Find the driest area, usually near the barn where they hang
out. That could give him cover.

Ask your vet if he can borrow a digital xray machine or call around to see
who has one and what they charge for rads. I pay $50. for each view.

Let us know if you don’t understand the prascend delivery system in a

His boots sound good. Can you get a pad in it? Even a garden kneeling pad
or an anti fatigue mat cut to fit.

Mandy in VA
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OCT 2003

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