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I just learned that Southern States carries these. The are made by Ontario Dehy, but are just called Timothy Balance Cubes by Triple Crown. If you have a Southern States they can order them, but the product may not be in the local dealers book. They can call their distributor and have them shipped with their regular order. I just had to do this for one of my horses... Best of luck.... I may be able to get the product number on Mon. if anyone is interested...

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1 .Since there is no possible source of ODBTC in this area, and since a
very laminitic horse
is used to these cubes as an important part of her diet, what would be
a substitute that
would be feasible in a hospital type situation?
2. Where can we find the information about excessive iron -we have
already checked the file on
that subject. (Maybe didn't look in the right place.)
Question: What ranges are considered acceptable? And is 131 ppm As
Thank you very much. M. Williams/D.Dubrow NYC/Hudson
Valley, NY '08

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