Rossi hoof photo uploaded


Stands a little under in the rear, but not like the picture shows. He backed up against the freezer.

I think he's more a 2 than a three body score?

He's OK barefoot on grass but not on gravel.

As you can see he has horrible flair in the fronts. Never grows a good connection below the top <inch. I've trimmed the walls out of ground contact but it doesn't help the new growth stay attached.

Right front has abscess exit growing down toe. Outside bar was not attached to sole and had dirt in the open seam. I cut it down to a good connection and hope it will grow out connected. That left a large area where sole had not filled in. CG in rear about 7/8", almost nothing in front.

Left front has large deep hole at apex of frog left from an old abscess. I suspect he has a lot of false sole but afraid to remove any.
CG in rear also about 7/8", little in front unless you count the hole.
Laminar ring on this hoof is when he had an abscess in it, I think.

Rear hooves have a little flair, but overall pretty good.

Carol 2003
Rossi in Maryland

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