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I've been bringing his toe walls back to the white line and even to the sole for 2 years, so actually his feet are shorter than they were, but it doesn't seem to make any lasting difference in his overall hoof structure. Every time I think I making progress he gets another abscess and losses the improvements. I'm a Pete Ramey style trimmer until recently when I started trying Maureen Tierney's method of concentrating on toes and not lowering heels as much. I think it is helping some on Rossi, and definitely on my Leopard App. who also started to shed sole. Rossi shed the whole sole and bar on one front hoof.

Rossi won't trailer without a lot of retraining, and I don't want to put his feet through that. I'll have to get a vet with a portable X_ray to come out.

I would love some markups of the pics I posted.


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If you would like some specific mark-ups let us know. Will need a full set of pics of each foot (lateral, dorsal, sole) to be able to advise you more specifically.
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