New to posting. What to do after de-rotation trim?.


This is a 17yro mini that survived years of founderiing, sinking, horrific farrier work and deveoping COPD from laying for so many years so close to ground and inhaling ammonia. His diet has been totally changed ( in line with Dr. Kellon's ), x-rays were taken before trim. A de-rotation trim was performed, went through some abcessing ( now it has stopped ) he is much better than before in that he stands most of the time and will walk a bit Searching for the next steps to help make him pasture sound. Began posting pics, I think he needs more heel and caudal support without lift and some cushion to the sole as they are so very thin. Please remember this is a mini foot, most shoes and such are not necessarily applicable to this foot with additionaly many distortions. Help is much appreciated as there are many more that have "lined up @ my door" since this guy. TY

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