Stabile 1 or 1 plus for weight gain in cushing horse?


Ok, I've only been rinsing, soaking, rinsing Beet Pulp for a few weeks now and I'm sick of it.  Don't want to do it in the house because all the debris goes into the septic system.  Don't want to carry heavy buckets of soaked pulp to the barn.  Don't want to soak it in the barn in cold weather.  AND the horse that needs it most to put on weight will no longer eat it....  And when I want to go horse camping for a weekend, it's just too much for my husband with COPD to do all that.


I've looked into getting a pallet of Stabile 1 or the Plus shipped.  Will this work for adding sups and putting on weight?  I've fed CoolStance copra for the last 2 years with great results, BUT if it's not good for the PPID horse.......


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