Re: Stabile 1 or 1 plus for weight gain in cushing horse?


 Yes, I have the CTB tree.  Just beautiful and full of bees in bloom.


Rossi has free choice hay in nets but needs something to put on weight and carry sups.  He really liked his Cool Stance and drank it down in minutes.


Carol and Rossi in Maryland


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I know you can get ODTB cubes in Md.    You have Southern States stores?   They can order a pallet for you..  40 bags per pallet – horses love it and OH SO EASY!     I know they’re in NOVA.    Email Aurelio and ask him where the nearest distributor is.   And we do understand your pain of r/s/r BP!  
Are you the member in Md that has the large CTB tree?
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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