Need laminitis advice ASAP


My 16 yr old appaloosa Rocky (not Rossi who is PPID) seems to have laminitis for the first time.  Sore in the front feet, doesn't want to walk.  Weighting hind legs but not camped under.  Eating well, temp 100.4 which is a little high for him.  Probably caused by fall grass?  No signs of Cushings or IR.


Vet will be out in 2 or 3 hours.  I know she will want me to do shoes and wedges but I will not do that, at least not yet.  His front hooves do not have much concavity and no wall above the sole.  Poor frogs.


I have his feet in ice water, 1 gram bute, Aloe for his stomach, and just gave a Tbs. Jiaogulan.  The J herb is at least a year old, but still smells good.  How often should I give it and is there something else I should be doing? 


Carol and Rossi in Maryland


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