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After reading this post a big "AHA".   Googled EPSM and found Drafts and Draft Mules are genetically predisposed.  This answers a lot of questions on  Dreamer,  my draft mule  (1/2 clydesdale & 1/2 mammoth jack), he  appears to have the symptoms.  Was doing an ACTH on Romke, my Friesian, on Monday and may as well do a full panel on Dreamer. 

A big Thank You!!!

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The leg lifting/stretching can be a sign associated with muscle disease – for example EPSM.  Selenium deficiency can cause signs very similar to EPSM as I’m discovering with my gang, and I’ve often thought that a lot of people might think a horse was sluggish due to arthritis, when it can be muscle pain from selenium deficiency.
Might be nothing to do with that, but EPSM 

"Does cushings give pain in back legs or hip area where horse is lifting up legs into air and stretching out and other times just holds leg up. Have been to the vet and he thinks it is arthritis
and told me to keep in stall and give him double bute. He is not improving. Could this be a nervous sysem problem ? My horse is IR.
Look up "Shivers" and see if this describes your horse.
Sheri in PA

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