Re: Fiber excess in hay and ground flaxsee


FYI, I fed CoolStance for 2 years along with free choice orchard grass.� My guys did fine on it.� My old guy put on some needed weight at 4-5 lbs./day.� The other 3 got 1lb./day each.� My old guy has now been diagnosed with Cushings� which I suspect he's had for a long time�and IR.� He shows no IR symptoms but has lost topline and get abscesses.� I've been told on this group that CoolStance has too much fat for IR and cushings horses, so I've switched for now to NuZu, but the shipping for that is almost as much as the feed.�( I got really tired really fast of Rinsing beatpulp.)
Carol and Rossi in Maryland

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