Was: 4 mg Pergolide available NOW: Fly free Velvet

Shari Starr

Ferne, see my post to you under Velvet - Ferne. Sorry members my previous post to Fern should have been under this subject headed. I aplogize but this new yahoo doesn't give me delete options for my posts.

Previously posted: Hi Ferne, I am so sorry to hear about Velvet entering the heavenly herd. My heart goes out to you. I'm still grieving my friend, Snickers as he joined the heavenly herd on June 25 this year. I lift you up in prayer & will light a candle for Velvet along with Snickers candle tonight. If you still have your pergolide I am sponsoring a cushing's draft, carriage horse in my area whose owner is on tough financial times. I'm working with the converted yahoo groups format so I can't send a private e-mail to you. You can e-mail direct at lifesongfarm@yahoo dot com I've spelled it out so that the system doesn't edit it out. We have a yahoo support group called hoofbeats in heaven that has been so very helpful to me in these last several months. Stop by if you think you would like someone to walk beside you during this tough time. Hugs & comfort to you & I'll have Snickers welcome Velvet in love.

Shari, Fly free, Snickers mom
Western WA
ECIR June, 2013

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