Re: liquid Cypro and expiration date?

Robin <Eclectk1@...>

All I know is that Kay is exactly right, the majority of meds are
effective well after expiration dates... and I've heard that
generally if a pill looks the same color it always did, isn't
crumbling or falling apart or changing color, etc, its probably

I know pills (solid) last the longest past expiration dates -- often
YEARS past. Gel caps not nearly as well or as long, they'll 'die'
sooner and are a bit more risky to use past expiration. Liquids &
liquid suspensions (like the cypro) go quickest, often in a matter of
a few months, but still generally roughly twice the expiration date.

Personal experience -- I had some gel caps for pain (herniated disk)
that I accidently left in the truck for a few hours... they were
TOTALLY inactivated after that, absolutely worthless. Um, it WAS
about 108 or 110 that day... in the truck, betcha 120 or higher...

So you may want to check the storage directions and be sure it hasn't
gotten too hot or cold...

I'd be much more suspicious, however, that he's just starting to not
respond to it as well... again, check with BET labs, they told me if
he's NOT producing enough thyroid, the cypro won't work or won't work
well, so you may just need to add some thyrol-l...

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