Hold off on Move-Ease?


I had my vet come do a check-up on P about two weeks ago because he has been really grumpy.  (She also does acupuncture with stimulus.)  We didn't want to scope him because of stress.  He has been on a course of two weeks of UlcerGard and is feeling much happier--not so girthy. 


He has been getting Move-Ease for a long time (over a year) because I believe in it.  I notice a difference if I don't give it to him for a week because I forgot to order.


My question is, during the healing time of his ulcer(s) should I hold off on giving him the Move-Ease?  I know that the ingredients are proprietary (don't care because it works!), but is there anything in there that can make his stomach irritated?





Laguna Beach, CA




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