Re: Stabul 1 can be ordered at Tractor Supply

Valletta Lochridge

One more bit of clarification........I just spoke with Randy at Anderson Feed.  The 10 bag minimum is for the store - not the individual.  In other words, the store must commit to 10 bags, not you.  If you can line up a couple of people in your area who are interested in using the Stabul 1, the TSC manager might be more comfortable ordering the 10 bags.  The manager can call the TSC corporate office or Anderson Feed for assistance placing the order.  The shelf life of the bagged feed is 8-10 months but Randy says that the flavoring will start to lose potency sooner than that.  Woo Hoo!  My sample is on the way!

Valletta with Dot, Roscoe and Nick in central CA
Jan 2012

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