Caryn Darmer

HI! I have a cushings, previous founder, IR horse who had a major founder episode on August 27, he has been on Pergolide (1 tablet) once a day for two months and has been great and had great results in his updated blood test. He has gone back to light work (walking under saddle) and light trotting on a line for a few minutes and has been very wild and very sound. 

However, two days ago he was super crazy on the line and took off galloping and bucking and I am wondering if he may have overdone it. He was sound the next day, as well as today but he is walking a bit guarded and is not as peppy. Would it be possible, even two months later in November that his Pergolide dosing is not correct? He is also sweating (the last two days) while he eats his dinner soaked hay. No changes in feed, no pulse changes, just walking more guarded in his paddock and the sweating. I am trying to rule out if his ATCH levels can change this time of year (novemeber) and his Pergolide may not be correct (needs more), or if he overdid his workout on the line which made him footsore and the sweating is just weather related since he does have a winter coat and its 51 degrees out while eating. Any opinions, or personal experience would be appreciated!

Spet 2013
Washington State

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