Re: Sweating

Mandy Woods

PPID is a progressive condition.  We are in the seasonal rise now.  His ACTH could still be climbing or you never reached the correct amount of pergolide to control his ACTH value.   There is no exact date when the seasonal rise begins to drop off as each horse reacts in his own way to the rise.  The only way to know is to test.  Sweating in odd places is a symptom of uncontrolled PPID.  It is also a symptom of pain.
Your boy should not be in work yet.  IF he ‘’major foundered’’ in August he should still be on stall/dry paddock rest and in rehab boots and pads.  IT takes  9 months to a YEAR to grow out a hoof.  Even then you may need to wait for two or three hoof growths to see if the attachment of the laminae to the coffin bone is tight.     I would not be putting any weight on his back.  Front feet carry more weight of the rider/tack.  He should be hand walked quietly  in straight lines with very large half circles to turn around.  He should not be lunged.  He should not be trotting. 
I would test his ACTH to see if he needs more pergolide.   Give him the time off he needs to heal. Are his minerals balanced to his hay?
Mandy in VA
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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