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My gelding has recently started blowing through salt blocks!  I moved him to a new barn in August, he is getting superior care.  He does spend a bit more time in his stall when it is very rainy or wet.  He gets thrush easily, so this is helping our feet.  But I wonder if he is getting a bit bored and going through his salt block.  

In his stall he has a nibble net to slow his hay intake down.  

We have removed the salt block, I am considering putting in a Likit for boredom.  

Is there a danger in too much salt?  He has access to clean water 24/7.  He has had an increase in urine production, but considered that this is part of his Cushings.  However, his ACTH level is 57.9, which I understand is elevated but not high for Cushings.  

Sorry, to be wordy, my question is can he get too much salt through boredom licking?  Or do I need to worry that we have an issue that I need to test for and his body is craving salt?  

October 2013

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