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 I don't mind the extra questions, being new to this, it is helpful!

He was not tested for IR, just for PPID.  Our test results have just come back and I don't yet have them in paper form.  I am waiting on those from the vet so that I can upload them.  

My vet has contacted an expert at UGA to see if we should medicate at our current ACTH level.  We did the blood test at the time of year when the levels elevate naturally, from what I was told.  Feel free to let me know if this info was not accurate!  As you know it's hard to find data on the internet when there is tons of it!  You don't know what is true and what is not.  

His hay has not been analyzed.  I'll talk to the person who keeps my horse for me and see what her thoughts are.  She would probably be happy to go in with m for the test, she is very observant about the nutritional need of her horse and mine.

As of now, we are on Triple Crown Complete, but we are starting the process this weekend to move both boys to Triple Crown Senior.  They both also get Legends Omega as a supplement.  Rowan gets 3 lbs of feed a day, and 1 lb of the Omega.  He is feed grain twice a day.  

We have a variety of hay.  When they are out, currently in a sacrifice area because we just seeded winter grass, they get a fescue hay.  It is feed in a slow feeder hay box that was built by the farm owners husband.  It slows them WAY down, we love it.  In the stall they get a Timothy in their slow hay feeders.  We weigh the hay bags, and Rowan gets 9-10 lbs in his bag.  Occasionally they get a flake of alfalfa, this is a treat, not something that happens on a regular basis.  With the slow hay feeder the hay is lasting most of the night.  And in the pasture in the box, it is lasting all day.  Luckily, he is now at a friend's barn and either she or her husband work from home most days, so they go to the barn several times during the day to check on hay, if the boys have to be in because of weather.  So he has hay all day.   

After work, he was getting a beet pulp/alfalfa/Apple A Day mixture as a snack.  He is food motivated.  I have not done this in a while, until I know what he can safely have.  This was more of an award, as he has already been a big drinker, so I wasn't concerned about his fluid intact.  Actually he has always had two water buckets, one is for his water, and the other for playing!  What's a water bucket if you don't get to dunk your head in it and dribble it down the wall?  

The grass that he will go back in the next few weeks is a fescue/winter rye mix.  I do have a grazing muzzle for him.  We have tried it on, but not used it, so that should be a video moment!  

I don't add any additional salt to his grain, other then what is the grain we use.  The salt block was a Himalayan.  We removed it last night.  

I am going to email my vet today, and see if I can stop by this week and get his blood work so that I can get that for you guys to see.  

Oh, and I have him Pentason for his joints.  

I won't get him a Likit, glad I checked back before I left the house!  :-)

He is not yet on Pergolide.  Still waiting on word back from UGA to see what they think.    




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My gelding has recently started blowing through salt blocks!  I moved him to a new barn in August, he is getting superior care.  He does spend a bit more time in his stall when it is very rainy or wet.  He gets thrush easily, so this is helping our feet.  But I wonder if he is getting a bit bored and going through his salt block.  

In his stall he has a nibble net to slow his hay intake down.  

We have removed the salt block, I am considering putting in a Likit for boredom.  

Is there a danger in too much salt?  He has access to clean water 24/7.  He has had an increase in urine production, but considered that this is part of his Cushings.  However, his ACTH level is 57.9, which I understand is elevated but not high for Cushings.  

Sorry, to be wordy, my question is can he get too much salt through boredom licking?  Or do I need to worry that we have an issue that I need to test for and his body is craving salt?  

October 2013

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