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Hi Lavinia,
Thanks for the clarification. I would not want to order the wrong product. This would be fed in addition to the hay, ODTBC and beet pulp because of the warming factor like you said. Also the soaked cubes & bp gets more moisture into her. So does 2-4 pounds seem reasonable? Mill would start with about 1/4 lb twice daily.
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Jan 2011

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Hi Jennifer,
You would NOT want to use the Stabul 1 Plus for an IR/PPID horse - only the Stabul 1. The Plus has added oil that isn't appropriate for our compromised guys.

How much you can feed will really be determined by how your horse reacts to it. The higher recommended amount would only be appropriate if you had to substitute a bagged feed for forage for some reason. Not something we recommend doing on a regular basis, esp in winter as digesting hay provides much more "heat" than digesting grain.

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