Re: low temperatures and grazing IR horse

Lorna Cane

 Hi Karin,

You can fill out a case history here:*

You have to join first ,but it only takes a jiffy .

>So why she cannot eat grass? Because of the sugar.

Sugar can be a problem.

>So low fructan means no assimilation into sugar?

Have you had a chance to read up on fructans? There is so much information about fructans here,on our website,and our FB page,that I would be shortchanging you to try to answer you in a few words here.

Here is something from Nancy's message , number 181604:

More info on Fructan can also be found in the group FILES section. Go here


Look for

drkellon Mar 15, 2013 
Brief article on fructans from The Horse's Mouth

>I was just asking for tips how other people give their horses the so needed amount of movement without pasture.

Maybe when we see her case history there will be other suggestions we can make to help her more.

Thanks for getting your signature nailed down.

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