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Hi Lorna,

Yes, I did see Dr. Kellon's reply however if you read Leigh's post it makes sense as to what happened with Pabatsa's script.  They converted, some how, the script from 3.5 mgs. to 4.6 mgs. Could my vet have inadvertently done the calculation and sent it that way?  His office told me they sent it to Pet Health as 3.5 mgs.  My vet said that the Pergolide from Precision was pure Pergolide, did they tell him that?  It seems I do remember them telling me that they use the Pergolide base--who knows at this point!  I believe Dr. Kellon more than the rest of them though.  I called the laboratory that makes Pergolide for sale worldwide and they told me that EVERYONE gets Pergolide mesylate and there is no pure Pergolide.

Laura, CA


I have never seen a 4.6 mg, dosage though. 

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Hi Lorna,

I am really  confused about the pergolide mesylate  thread. 

Below is Leigh's post:  

Pergolide Mesylate(PM) is the chemical compound that is used to create our compounded products and Prascend.  When you look at PM, it is the salt of pergolide.  The ratio of pergolide to pergolide mesylate is 1.0/1.31  Therefore, if you want 1 mg of pure pergolide you need to make that capsule with 1.31mg of pergolide mesylate.  If you take the amount they quoted to you of 4.6mgPM and divide it by 1.31mg PM, it will give you ~ 3.5mgs pure pergolide. I hope that kind of simplified it???  It is just understanding the numbers and their relationship.  When I talk to the pharmacists at Pet Health, I have to know what my vet wants our clients to have in end product (pure pergolide).  When that is clear, the pharmacists do their calculations to create the end product.

Is Dr. Kellon's response saying that the pharmacists do not need to do a calculation to create an *end dosage* or in another version of the question is that a prescription for pergolide is a prescription for pergolide myselate and their is no calculation for elemental pergolide?  

Did Laura's vet up Pabasta's pergolide dosage based on symptoms or based on the pharmacy's calculations?

Sorry for the large print I have no idea how to change it.....

Thank you,

Kathy Brinkerhoff

10/12 *confused* SE/WI 

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