Whipoorwill Amulet - due for a trim - requesting review by hoof gurus

Ruth Vale

laviniamfiscaletti wrote, regarding the first set of foot photos I posted::
>TRIM: Toes backed and heels lowered, with the hoof capsule tightly hugging the internal structures,
>In the pics there are some definite trim issues apparent.
>He has a broken back pastern axis, which means that the coffin bone is sitting with the rear portion lower than the tip.
>The front part of the hoof is taller than the rear. His heels are most likely underrun and the toes therefore too long.
I've posted a better set of photos for Bounce, taken about a week ago.  He's due for a trim this week and I would appreciate any considerations.  I don't see the "broken back pastern axis".  that was referred to in the comment above.   Trimmer has been working to get him standing more upright, but the frequent abscesses have made a mess with the front frogs, especially the front left, which blew out most of the frog on the last round.  He's sound, frog tissue is recovering.  Sound on arena sand, but uses boots otherwise.
>If you can get some foot pics before his next trim
>one of the hoof gurus can take a look and make sure the trim gets optimized.

I'm not one lightly to go about telling my trimmer (whom I consider pretty good at what she does) how to do her job, but we would value your input.
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