Re: Whipoorwill Amulet - due for a trim - requesting review by hoof gurus


I've posted a better set of photos for Bounce, taken about a week ago.  He's due for a trim this week and I would appreciate any considerations.  I don't see the "broken back pastern axis".  that was referred to in the comment above.   Trimmer has been working to get him standing more upright, but the frequent abscesses have made a mess with the front frogs, especially the front left, which blew out most of the frog on the last round.  He's sound, frog tissue is recovering.  Sound on arena sand, but uses boots otherwise.

Yahoo/neo is driving me nuts!  All I can get to view your photos is an outline of the photo washed in blue.  I give up.  It did let me download a few, but the photos are really, really big, so suspect that's the issue.  If possible, for any follow up photos that may be posted, reducing the number of pixels or photo size to *email* would make it much easier.

Bounce is definitely at the point of needing a trim.  I think the feet look pretty good, except there is quite a bit of bar in all feet - appears to be more than what usually grows between trims.  Heels also seem to be a bit underrun.  Addressing the bars should help make apparent a better heel height.

Would definitely radius the walls to sit virtually seamlessly with/against the white line, and bring the toe wall back until it's kissing the white line.  With the amount of snow on the ground, don't know that I'd do too much of a roll of the walls.

>Sound on arena sand - when being ridden or when moving at liberty?

>Trimmer working to get him more upright...does that mean she's adjusting the hoof capsule to get a different stance?  Before anything is done to make something into something it's not, I would invest in a set of x-rays, at least of the fronts.  Seeing how the bony column sits in its relationship with the hoof capsule is always a good idea, especially since the history states his feet are becoming more and more tender.

I see from the history that we don't have a definitive answer as yet as to if Bounce is IR, PPID or both.  Is the diet being addressed with low s/s hay, or soaked hay?

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