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<< 2. Do you find that your horses can't tolerate the heat? Amiga is in most
of the day with fans and I either hose her or sponge her with

I find that my horse is sometimes a little cold (we live in the northwest)
when other horses are fine. I also find that different areas on his body
will be normally warm while other areas will be extremely cold to the touch.
(would love to hear anyone's comments on this!) >>

Strider's previous barn manager said during the heat of last summer
(pre-diagnosis) she often hosed Strider down and put her in her box stall
with a fan running. This summer Strider's coat is shorter -- more normal
looking -- but she still seems to not tolerate heat as well as my gelding. On
the other hand, my gelding is an Arab and is an outdoorsy kind of guy.
Neither heat nor cold seem to bother him. I am trying to watch her carefully
(our hot spell broke) and am thinking about getting a blanket for her for

I've also noticed when she gets upset she seems upset longer than you would
expect -- like she can't deal with things as well. Stress again?

Very interesting discussion, everyone!
Ann in Indiana

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